SwapIt At Home
Make the Most of What You Already Have
Why SwapIt at Home? 
 It's a total wardrobe solution for the woman who doesn’t have time/ energy/ know how/ interest to put one together alone.

 Every morning when we wake up we have a big decision to make, a decision that will help shape our day. 

What am I going to wear? 

Imagine if that question was taken off your plate. Imagine if your entire closet was organized with clothes that not only fit, but that you actually love and know how to wear. 

What would you gain? 

Our guess is sanity, time and a whole lot of confidence.

 Our goal is for you to feel ready for anything, perfectly at-ease, and always appropriate, no matter the occasion. Without spending more money on more clothes.

To take all those negative feelings and SwapIt. SwapIt with outfits that make you feel stronger, smarter, more capable, more beautiful and like the star that you are. 

Work with what you have already spent your precious time and resources on, AKA what's already in your closet! 

Our In Home Service
The Closet Makeover
You know how you feel in your favorite outfit?
Well, The Closet Makeover makes every outfit your favorite!
 1. We sit down to talk about you, who you are and where you go. We create goals and desired outcomes. 
 2. We go through your items, deciding what to let go of and what to use to create outfits. 
 3. We create killer outfits that show off who you are, what you love and work for your real life.  
You don't need to replace your wardrobe, you need help learning how to use it. 
The Closet Makeover Includes:

*3 Hours in your home with a stylist
* A follow up The Custom session (to be used within 1 year)
*A Lookbook with unlimited outfits
*Personalized Style Tips
*One to One swaps for everything you let go of

Here's everything you'll get...
And here are all the Nitty-Gritty Details

A closet clean-out to sort out what’s wearable, tailorable, and tossable. The pieces that no longer work for you removed from your home (if you’d like!).

Outfits that are chic and pulled-together, that flatter your figure, look great with your skin tone, and make your legs look longer.

Swapping of items you’re done with for new-to-you items that we’ve hand-selected from our large inventory to match your lifestyle and goals.

You choose what we focus on. Maybe you need a work wardrobe. Or a few chic outfits for that out-of-town conference. Or a presentation-crushing pants suit. 

You’ll answer thought-provoking questions, set goals, and plan smart future purchases. We’ll make sure you meet them without losing an ounce of your personal style.

We work with your existing closet and add new-to-you pieces to create outfits that show off who you really are.


"SwapIt is a hidden gem in the Boston area. This incredible company swooped into my home and helped me create new outfits from existing (mostly) pieces in my closet. I feel as though I went shopping and have an entirely new wardrobe and I didn't spend a dime on clothing!"-- Lori

"In the end I wound up with over 20 outfits in a "look book" album that completely takes the guesswork out of my morning routine. And as a mom and a business owner, that's amazing. ." - Mel

"This was an awesome experience! I loved having someone neutral tell me in all honesty whether or not something looked good on me or not... It made me realize that I had so many fun outfits in my own closet, and I got compliments on every outfit I've worn so far!  " -  Felicia

"I went into the appointment apprehensive and skeptical. I walked away feeling optimistic and excited. The stylist was professional and the entire process is well thought out and organized." - Emily

So light a scented candle, pour a glass of wine, and get ready to do something that’s so simple, but makes each day just a little bit better. And a lot more beautiful.
All for just $350
Click the video above to see how SwapIt at Home works

Imagine reaching into your closet and pulling out pieces you know work together, creating a chic outfit in seconds that’s been stylist-approved. That’s what we do. SwapIt helps you shop your closet and adds new to you pieces to fill in any gaps creating outfits that make you feel like superwoman every day.  
Get it all for just $350